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Great costume

This was really well made, though there was some minor things I like placement of rubber plastic on the front since it was a little wonky but it’s an easy fix! Over all 10/10 and I’m really happy with how it looks :)

Nice boots, but the straps were too long

Had to snip off part of the straps as they kept wrapping around the boot, and they just didn’t feel right

Why isn’t there a women option

I want to be Deadpool for Halloween and this is the one none scammy site I’ve found so far. But there is no option for women. And there is no damn way I can fit my **** in a leather suit.

Obi-Wan Series Boots

I have not worn these yet to a Con, but have worn them around the house. They look and fit great, and if you require a wider width boot..I think you might be able to special order them but if not, go with a larger size. Also get some additional insoles if you plan on being in them for a long time. Otherwise: I am very pleased and hope to do business with OHS again.


So I wore this costume for my sons 3 year old birthday and was super happy with the result. It made his day and that’s all that mattered! Thanks again!!

Great suit

The eyes could be a little larger, but it's a great suit. My grandson loves it.

Pretty Good

It took 18 days to deliver here and I like to wear it from time to time, it feels nice.

Fantastic Batman Suit

Not only did One Hero Suits come through to get my costume to me for my Superhero event but I was amazed at the high quality of the suit! Not only was it made of high quality materials but the attention to detail was awesome! The kids and parents thought I looked great and had so many great reactions! THANK YOU!

This is the real deal!!

Loved my new costume, great fabric quality just as advertised and arrived super fast!


I would love to give 5 stars however putting on the costume can be a little difficult and that’s why I put 4. I did buy a previous anakin costume from cosskyy (I think it was that not sure what you call it) BUT it was nothing compared to this one! Great costume and would definitely buy from here again!


The quality is so good 😊

I really like it

I really like it, especially the back hem, the sparkle is absolutely beautiful! I hope the breast shape will be firmer, after all, cheongsam needs to show off the figure🥰 Overall, it’s really great, I’m looking forward to it! The suggestion is just for icing on the cake, it doesn’t mean it’s not done well!

Item is perfect!!

From the boots to the gloves and spandex suit, the outfit arrived very very fast once it got through th processing process. Does reveal a bit of Bulge down there, but that comes with these kinds of outfits, id recommend getting a dancer's underwear to help hide the outline a bit.

Looks great!

Fits great! Looks realistic, the horns are a bit uncomfortable but not too much. But I love this cosplay! It’s super fun to wear and the color is spot on!

Great suits

My Grandson loves his Spider-Man suit. He wears it daily. Will definitely buy more.

A great value

This cosplay is beautiful and a great value. If you are in between sizes, I recommend sizing up as the skirt portion may be tight and walking can be a bit difficult. However, I did wear it all day at a session and it performed well and I was actually very comfortable! All the jewelry and accessories are beautiful and well made. The earrings were a little heavy at first, but like I said, I wore them all day long at the con and didn't experience any discomfort! I highly recommend this cosplay! !

Captain America suit

Overall it is a great costume but unfortunately the mask is very cheap considering the price that I have paid and the belt needs a better Buckle because it does not fit in the Buckle holes properly and is a little cheap

Love this!

Super comfy and stretchy, and I love the material

Five stars my child loves it great work is much appreciated

Best Christmas present

I got this Spiderman suit for my nephew for Christmas and he absolutely loves it!!

Superman outfit

The item showed up on time. Communication was good. They responded quickly and so close to Halloween. The quality was very good and it fit as stated. Very happy with the purchase.

Good quality, good customer service

I ordered the Cloud costume for my son for Christmas. It shipped from China via FedEx so it had a tracking number and came fairly quickly. The pants and shirt a great quality, like normal clothes not thin like a Halloween costume. My son took his own measurements at his hips and waist but… he is not built like Cloud, he’s built like Snorlax, and thus the belt and waist guard were smaller than he needed but when I measured the pieces they were within the range of what the costume description. I recommend measuring one’s belly as well and consider order the custom sizing if you aren’t athletically built. A few accessories were not included and i considered returning the whole costume but return shipping to China is expensive and the seller was very helpful in getting us the missing pieces and those shipped quickly as well. My son will buy his own belts and I’m going to sew an extension onto the waist guard so it will fit. Again, these small pieces are due to poor measuring on our part, not the seller’s fault. Son is happy and looking forward to wearing it to a con. I’m pleased too.

Great expience and fast shipping

Arrived right before the holidays like they promised. He loves the suit.

One Hero Suit

Excellent and very nice quality

Would like to see more outfits for future orders.