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I love it, only have one or two small critiques.

Very good quality, and definitely worth the price! All the seam work is fantastic and it fits well. The only thing I would say about it that I dislike is the sewing on the fingers began to rip after just the second time I put it on, and the very top of the mask sticks up like the top of a hood. But overall, great product! happy to have bought it.

Amazing Costume!

This is my second time buying from them and both times they have exceeded my expectations with the quality of these costumes! the feel is so comfy even if a bit stuffy and hot (but what do you expect with a costume like lokis lol) and the material is very strong and fits well! i am a female and got the male so the hips are a bit wide on the pants although i can figure some way around that :) Would 100% recommend and i have! to my sister and best friend and they loved the costumes too!

Amazing Costume!

This costume is amazing quality all the parts to it are awesome. Costumer service was quick and easy to talk to someone via messenger. Five stars!

My grandson loves the suit. True to size per the measurement. Well made. Very pleased. Thank you.

Awesome quality and more

It’s everything they promised and more. I bought the suit for my grandson. I chose one hero suits over the other sites because of the reviews. I was amazed at the quality. The mask alone is worth the price. The suit fits like a glove. It’s looks just like what Deadpool has on his suit no blurry lines or anything. I honestly would have paid more for it. Thank you so much!


I’ve ordered 3 suits from here very well made. My 2 nephews and son love their suits.


I wasn't sure about this purchase, but what an amazing surprise, all 3 suits are beautiful, muchas gracias 🇲🇽

It looks fantastic. It’s a bit small for my height- rides up in the pants

Made well. Looks great. Probably fits a person an inch or two shorter than me perfectly. (I’m 5’7”)

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This suit is AWESOME !

I have an extremely happy 8 year old boy . It shipped faster than we thought it would. fits perfect .


It's absolutely fantastic. It fits and is well put together

Fits like a glove!

I love my new suit and it looks awesome!! I got an extra small because I’m 4’11 and the mask fits great too. It also comes with one of those things u put inside the mask to give it the correct shape when u wear it.

Great product!

Great product and is working as well as expected! Only complaint was that the colors didn’t come out as vibrant as shown in the photo. It’s a very much darker contrast than I was shown. Still love it though!

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They’re exactly what they show! Couldn’t be any better. Good quality and look amazing! Def worth it!

Worth the price!

I'm sure i wasn't alone in being skeptical, but I was willing to try nonetheless. My only gripe with the suit is that the hands feel a bit weird, and the mask/neck don't quite fit over eachother, but those things I can't completely fault the makers for since I'm for sure not the body type the suits made for xD(sizes are men's, I'm a small skinny lady) but those things are things I'm more than okay fixing on my own for the price paid. I'll definitely be coming back.

I should have asked for a custom size

I am a little over 6ft but not as bulky as the XL size would suggest, that is, the chest and waist measurements are big on me because I'm skinny. Nonetheless, it's a fit that feels good and is easy to get into because it's not so skin tight. I spread my arms and it creates a perfect rectangle on either side of my torso, which is funny but I kind of don't mind the extra space. For one thing it's good for breathing room in those areas if there's ever a day where it's hot and/or I'm in the suit for long periods of time. Also I can stretch into all sorts of poses and not feel the material being pulled to it's limits. On that note, the arm and leg sleeves feel great albeit having some drapery here and there. The waist size that would've been perfect would probably be 29-32 or something close to that and something just a smidgen smaller than whatever the chest size for XL is ( I forgot the exact numbers). As for the mask, it's nice and tight with just a little wiggling to get things lined up with my nose and all. The details and designs on this suit are super nice, and even though there aren't any textures like the emblems being 3D it still looks and feels great.

It’s awesome

It did take a bit to get to my house and the mask is a bit hard to see through, but for $70 it’s an amazing suit, I was not expecting it to look as good as it does

Spiderman hero suit

Great. Awesome! Small was perfect fit for my 11 year old grandson. He is jumping and tumbling for joy! He is so excited with the fit and colors. Great job!!! Excellent fit. Great wear. He loves it! Thanks so much!!!


My son is so happy with this suit. Good quality material, well made.

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The best boots I have ever owned

The Batman

Ordered it then got it 2 weeks later which isn’t bad for what it comes with. When I first opened the box there was a lot of accessories and nothing like a costume that I’ve ever had. I needed my brother to help me suit up but everything was very comfortable once I figured out where everything went. The mask is a bit loose but it was an easy fix with a clip on the back that I added and it looks like it’s part of the costume. I moved around quite a bit to see if everything stayed in place and it did. Only thing bad about this, no instructions for where everything goes. Shoes were not included. It has great material for how it’s made and overall it made me feel like “The Batman.”

Mouse Pad looks incredible

Beautiful mouse pad with quick shipping. Product exactly as pictured.

Amazing Suit!!!

This was my first Spidey suit and I absolutely loved it!!! Would definitely recommend.