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How to cosplay Mera from 2018 Aquaman Movie

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The recent Aquaman movie has shown the wife of Aquaman, Mera and you must have been thrilled to see the well-read character on screen and in full action as well. However, after watching Amber Heard playing the role, do you want cosplay Mera in Aquaman movie, Read this helpful guide! And these guidelines will help you the best way when you reach the SDCC or NYCC this year.

SanDiego comic con or New York comic con, both are very powerful comic events for cosplayers aa tons of celebrities gather here and the place becomes a paradise for various cosplayers. From comics, movie to popular TV series all are welcome here and here you can show off the best Mera costume. To know more about the guidelines or tips on the same, here we have listed the ones based on the respective comic cons.

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  1. Do Plan for Mera

She is the respectful wife of Aquaman and you are going to show your costume in the Sandiego comic con namely SDCC or in the NYCC, you have to be properly dressed so that you can pull off the exact vibe. Other than that you need to know the transportation, which one you are going to avail, if you have your own car then ask someone to drive for you, because wearing the Mera costume and driving will not work properly, thus you need to ask your friend or your family member from beforehand.

  • Your touch up kit

If you are able to bring a makeup person with you, then you can bring them with you in the comic con, and it will be very useful for you when your Mera needs some fixing and you have the makeup person to make things right. If you are not able to bring such help, then you can bring your own help with yourself, for which you can bring a small bag or a backpack, and get things out when you need them, and do find a corner where you can even out the fading face powder.

  • Try to stay comfortable

You need to stay comfortable and take no other responsibility while you are in the comic con. If you think of other things and feel uncomfortable with your costume then you must go to the restroom, and fix everything with the Mera dress. You have to remember that you are playing a very major and tricky one, thus, if you stay in your comfort zone, more photographers and visitors will be interested and take photos with you, and you never know if Amber Heard might come along too!

  • Your Aquaman buddies

Comic-con whether it’s in New York or SanDiego, both places stay crowded with people, and you will hardly find anyone who has come here alone, especially if you look at the cosplayers in this case. Thus, you have to keep your buddies close and if they are playing a character from Aquaman then it will be much fun-filled than ever.

Your Mera costume for this year’s comic con will be a sure shot hit and you won’t have to think of any other thing if you have worked perfectly after the costume. You will be able to grab an ample amount of attention and have a fun-filled time as well.

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