Miles Morales Suit Into The Spider Verse Black Bodysuit

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Material: Spandex etc.
Full Set Includes: Jumpsuit, cover
Processing Time: 7-14 working days
Size: 8 different size can be chosen

spider-man covers designs

Feature of product:

Based on the black and red spiderman suit image of Miles Morales from the famous movie "into spider-verse". We use spandex fabrics that are extremely stretchable to make this costume.

HQ printed patterns:

Our designers have successively compared the prototypes and revised our desgin three times to finally establish the current product shape and pattern. Unlike the cheap spider-man suit, our garments have been pre-textured for perfect docking the pattern. In this way, the HQ printed patterns of each part will be perfectly connected together at the final stitching(99% perfect docking). You can watch this by browsing our product preview photos.

Unstitched or Stitched covers:

At the same time, in order to meet different needs, the cover of this Miles Morales Suit Into The Spider Verse Black Bodysuit can be set to be stitched or separated from the body of the jumpsuit, you can choose according to your needs. At the same time, we also desgined the foot of this garment the same as the original movie shown. You can wear any shoes that you like when you use this garment.

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